Humour and Heart from Averil Branson

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'Living With Matilda'

After the death of his Grandmother, Ben Costa, aged ten, is placed in a children’s home. The Daniels family want to foster him and he moves into their house, but they soon realise they have taken on a little more than they bargained for when he smuggles in his best friend, Matilda, the rat. Chaos immediately erupts in the household. Will things ever be the same again?


This warm and funny story is perfect for children aged 7-9 (although adults will love it too), pet lovers and those who want to be thoroughly entertained. Perfect for readers of David Walliams.

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' Watching Over Me'


An exciting mix of crime, paranormal and romance this is the perfect young adult read.


With her father dead and her mother in a psychiatric hospital, sixteen year old Stevie Brooks struggles to cope on her own. When she falls behind with the rent and is evicted from her flat her Uncle Harry steps in to help and sends her to stay with her aunt in Kent. When Harry returns to the flat later, he finds the door has been forced and the place turned over. Every room has received similar treatment. Someone had been looking for something, but what? To Harry's horror the culprits return while he is there. They threaten him at gunpoint, demanding to know where Stevie and her mother are. Quick thinking Harry tells them he is working for the landlord and doesn't know. His deception is soon discovered and Stevie and Harry are left fearing for their lives.


Consumed with guilt, the spirit of Stevie's father is unable to rest. The consequences of his actions in life has left his family in jeopardy. He keeps a watchful eye over his daughter, warning her of any pending danger. Stevie is frightened at first, but soon learns the signs are for her benefit, giving her a chance to react or avoid, but will her father be able to continue to keep her safe? Contains some swearing, some violence and intimacy.




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The sequel to 'Watching Over Me' by Averil Branson

Reaching Out (published February 2020)

An exciting mix of crime, paranormal and romance this is the perfect young adult read. Stevie’s best friend, Louisa, has been involved in a suspicious road accident. To add to the horror, she also discovers her old enemy, Tom Danby, has escaped from prison. Could the two be connected? The police don’t seem to think so, but only a week later, Stevie and her cousin Timothy are kidnapped. Her Uncle Harry is contacted by the abductors. They demand £500,000 for their safe return and give warning not to involve the police.

Harry and the family rally together to find the ransom, but when the plot fails to go according to plan, things become even more sinister. The spirit of Stevie’s father has kept her safe in times of trouble, but this time it’s different. She is unwell, her energy drained so low he can’t get through to her and a twist that nobody predicted leaves her life hanging by a thread.

Reaching out is the sequel to Watching over Me


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